7 Questions To Ask When Developing Your Startup’s Value Proposition – Profit Principle #2

Previously published on LinkedIn as "Develop and Deliver a Superior Value Proposition - Profit Principle #2" By Ed McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker  A superior value proposition captures the essence of your product’s unique benefits and how it solves a vexing customer problem, meets a critical need, or relieves severe pain better than anything else in the [...]

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  Jeff-Clark-Surfing-Mavericks-2009-Photo-by-Doug-Acton   By Omar Douglass Contributing Writer for The Purpose is Profit Blog My dad always says, “Wisdom comes with experience, whether you like it or not.” This adage was crystalized for me recently while attending a one-hour workshop for entrepreneurs interested in the New York City startup scene. The free class, [...]

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Profit Principle #3: Don’t Start Up Until…

Originally published on LinkedIn By Ed McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker  This text is excerpted from Chapter 10 of our book, The Purpose Is Profit. Here, I'm going to talk about Profit Principle #3: Don't Start Up Until... It is only natural that you struggle with the desire to start up knowing you do not have all the [...]

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By Omar Douglass Contributing Writer for The Purpose is Profit Blog I recently came across a presentation by JD Alois of Crowdfund Insider featuring a study which claimed that investment crowdfunding is (now) the best source of startup funding for women and minorities. Written by Habib Jamal, Sherwood Neiss, and Jason Best of Crowdfund Capital Advisors [...]

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Branding that Endures

By Ed McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker In my previous post on Entrepreneurial Branding, I listed 10 crucial elements of the branding process. In this blog, I will elaborate on the first three: your business name, tagline, and logo.  What Makes a Good Business Name? These are the factors that should influence your choice of a [...]

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Vacation’s Over – Time to Go Back to Work?

By Ed McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker Summer fun is over. The days are getting shorter. You’ve returned from vacation, but do you really want to return to work? This time of year accentuates how we feel about our jobs. For some, vacation gave you the time you needed to catch up on personal matters or [...]

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Becoming an Inventor, Part Three – Inventing Toys!

By Rebecca Lovering, social media coordinator This is the third part of my interview with Mary Ellroy, a local Connecticut toy inventor and agent. You can read about her and how she got into her field here, and her insights on the world of general invention here. Today I’m covering the part of our conversation [...]

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Becoming An Inventor, Part One – Getting Started

By Rebecca Lovering, social media coordinator Invention is a fascinating cousin of traditional entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is an inventor, but generally of a product or series of products that continues and evolves with her and her company. An inventor creates something that goes off and enjoys its own independent life, self-contained. I recently had the chance to [...]

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