16 Reasons to Start Up in 2016

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By Ed McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker

If you have you been dreaming of starting your own business, here are 16 reasons why 2016 is the right time to start up. How many of them ring true for you?

1. Control Your Destiny

After years of having your future determined by others, take responsibility for your own success.

2.  Solve a Problem

You have identified a common problem or pain point, and you are confident that you can solve it with your new product or service.

3.  Be Your Own Boss

You want to be held accountable to make your own decisions and set your own goals for your own business.

4.  Make a Responsible Profit

You have an idea for a business that is sustainable, responsible, and treats employees well and customers fairly.

5.  Apply Your Distinctive Competence

You have a combination of specialized skills, experience, and knowledge that will enable you to create a viable business.

6.  Access Low-Cost Capital

You have a terrific idea, and the cost of borrowing is so low, you are confident you can afford a loan.

7.  Make the World a Better Place

You have an innovative new business idea that you believe will transform lives for the better.

8.  Challenge the Status Quo

You have a concept for a new service that will disrupt the way business is conducted.

9.  Innovate and Take the Risk

You have an innovative idea that can boost sales for your employer, but your boss tells you the company is not interested in taking the risk to implement it.

10.  Use Your Special Talent

You have a special talent that friends have been telling you for years you should use to start your own business.

11.  Create Your Own Culture

You have lost trust in “the system,” and you have a plan for creating your own system.

12.  Build Your Own Machine

You feel like your capabilities and achievements are not recognized and that you are treated as just a cog in a vast machine.

13.  Create Your Own Job

You have been waiting in line, answering ads, attending interviews but never landing the type of job you really want.

14.  Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down

You want to build your own workplace where productivity counts more than politics – a place where what you achieve speaks for itself.

15.  Change the World

You are dying to start your own business to leave your mark on the world.

16.  Stop Waiting and Start Up Now

You are on fire to start your own business, but you have been waiting for the right time.

No matter your reasons or where you are in your career, if you have felt the pull toward entrepreneurship, make 2016 the year you start your own business.

Ed McLaughlin is currently co-writing the book, The Purpose Is Profit: The Truth about Starting and Building Your Own Business, with Wyn Lydecker

 They are currently offering a complimentary eCopy of The Startup Roadmap: 21 Steps to Profitability here.

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