By Ed McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker

If you’ve been wondering if you should work for a startup or launch your own, we’ve assembled some arguments on both sides: 15 reasons to work for a startup and 15 reasons to launch your own. What’s your opinion?


15 Reasons to Work for a Startup

Reasons 1 – 5 come from an article written by Adam Arbolino, co-founder and CTO of

  1. Start Doing Real Work: In some respects, it’s a little like taking the red pill and getting ejected from the Matrix. Everything you do in a startup makes a difference.
  2. Learning and Responsibility: The reason for this is that everyone in a startup is expected to wear multiple hats.
  3. Shape the Culture around You: There’s nothing more rewarding than feeling excited to come into the office in the morning to tackle the next challenge the world has thrown at us.
  4. An Environment of Innovation: This can spark inspiration on every level, leading to truly innovative ideas and developments.
  5. Starting Your Own Venture: Startups pay you back in opportunities and knowledge on how to take charge.

10 more reasons come from entrepreneur John Rampton:

  1. Startups Are Hiring
  2. Potential Ownership or Growth
  3. Awesome Work Environment
  4. Responsible For Various Tasks
  5. Get Inspired
  6. You’ll be Pushed
  7. Learning Experiences
  8. No Red Tape
  9. Your Work Will Be Recognized
  10. Meet New Connections 


15 Reasons to Launch Your Own Business

Not sure you want to work for someone else? You are not alone. Here are our 15 reasons to start up:

  1. You are on fire to start your own business
  2. You want to take control of your own destiny
  3. You have a great idea for how to fill a real need
  4. You believe your idea could transform lives for the better
  5. You have a special talent or unique competence that you can use to start the business
  6. You want to disrupt the status quo
  7. You want to leave your mark on the world
  8. You are tired of working for someone else
  9. You are fed up with being told what to do and precisely how to do it
  10. You’ve lost your trust in the system
  11. Human Resources makes you feel like replaceable part
  12. You are looking over your shoulder in fear at work
  13. You’ve had enough of playing the game by other people’s rules
  14. You are dying to make your own rules and create your own business culture.
  15. You have the opportunity to have more fun and make more money that you ever could working for someone else.

So there you have it. Consider the pros and cons. No matter what anyone else tells you, starting up is hard work, and it is filled with risk. But once I started my own business, I never looked back. It was the best business decision I ever made.

Ed McLaughlin is currently co-writing the book, The Purpose Is Profit: The Truth about Starting and Building Your Own Business, with Wyn Lydecker and Paul McLaughlin.

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