British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson with the final tilting trian to go into service on the West Coast Mainline, at Euston station. The Prime Minister joined the Virgin Trains boss at the launch of the 125mph tilting Virgin Train City of London, to mark completion of the first phase of a multi-million pound upgrade of the West Coast line.

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By Ed McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker

Entrepreneurs know that a business idea is only as good as the ability to execute it, and top-notch entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson have found the way to supercharge their efforts.

How do they do it? They carve out time to exercise and stay fit, knowing that a little sweat and determination will bring a reward of increased brain power, confidence, and productivity. Sir Richard sums up the proven connection between exercise and success with these words, “If your body is sharp, your brain will be sharp.”

I believe in this so much, that one of my angel investments is in a company called Infinity Fitness. Unlike high-profile fitness chains, Infinity prides itself in boot-camp-style workouts and personal training. Exercising at Infinity is about sweat and sacrifice, not just showing up and socializing. I invested in Infinity Fitness because I believe in the founder, Dave Peterson. With two facilities, Dave is totally committed to building a business that ensures each and every client gets an extreme workout every single time they enter one of his gyms.


Inspiration and Motivation!

Besides a terrific workout, Dave is constantly communicating about new trends in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. In addition, he sends motivational messages to reinforce disciplines to stay on track. One of his emails focused on the connection between exercise, productivity, and one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time and founder of Virgin Groups Ltd, Richard Branson. I wanted to share Dave’s message because it struck a chord with me. Here is an excerpt from his informal and motivational message:

I always feel busy during the day: going to both facilities to keep on top of things, working on new programs, developing my personal and professional network, meetings with staff, my own workouts, working on my marriage … seems like there is never enough time in the day!

But there’s a guy that puts almost everyone to shame … SIR Richard Branson. You know, the Virgin guy?

This guy has like a million businesses like Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Records and so on … it’s insane what he can get done in a day. Not only does he do a million things each day, but he always seems so damn cool doing it.

The other day I heard a REALLY interesting quote from him and I had to share it with you.

So as the story goes Sir Richard has groups of entrepreneurs to his Necker Island from time to time and helps them develop their business and I would be party a bit … I mean, he DOES have his own island.

So this one guy asks a question that almost everyone wants some insight into:

“How do you become more productive?”

Sir Richard sat back, thought for a moment and gave a one word answer most people probably didn’t expect…


Branson swears that working out was an investment in his time because he knew that he could be MUCH more productive when he worked out regularly. He claims he can get done four times as much work when he is keeping on his fitness routine.

So if he spent 1 hour exercising he expects to get four hours worth of productivity ADDED to his day as a result! He knows he is that much more focused and mentally sharp.


Richard Branson Is Not Alone

By carving out time to stay fit, successful entrepreneurs know they will reap the benefits throughout the balance of their day. The May, 2015 Inc. Magazine slide share on The Fitness Routines of Super-Successful Entrepreneurs affirms that people who make room for exercise lead far more productive lives than people who manage busyness without fitness.


The Exercise – Success Connection

A recent Entrepreneur on Fire blog reveals how and why regular exercise increases mental acuity, burns nervous energy and stress, improves memory, and even generates creative thinking.

If you are ready to strengthen your heart, tone your muscles, sweat off the stress, and empower your success, you will be glad to know that the array of exercise choices is as varied as the entrepreneurs who benefit from them. For example, PayPal co-founder, Max Levchin, does outdoor cycling at 5am. Mark Cuban likes to include Latin fusion classes into his routine, and Oprah Winfrey’s workout is a mixture of cardio, strength, and abdominal exercises with the help of a personal trainer.


The Best Exercise is the One You Will Do!

Like an executable business plan, the best exercise is the sustainable one – the one you will do!

Be realistic when you choose your plan.

I’m all too familiar with the challenge to find time to exercise when you are starting your own business or a new career. But I have been fortunate to experience the fitness advantage first-hand.

Find a workout buddy or join a club that will encourage you to be deliberate about exercise during some part of your day. One timeless proverb says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Achieve personal wellbeing, and it will pour a wellspring of benefits into your career.


Increase Your Likelihood of Success

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