By Ed McLaughlin with Wyn Lydecker

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? If you’ve been burning to start your own business, make starting up your number one resolution for the New Year.

Do you have a new business idea? Or are you still searching for one?

Have you seen a problem that needs solving and developed the perfect solution?

Have you discovered a better, innovative method for conducting business in an established industry?

Write down a promise that you will start a business before the year is out. Have someone witness your promise. This will be your covenant with yourself.

One day, long before I started my business, USI, I had reached a point of sheer frustration. I wanted to focus on my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. After lunch with a friend, I asked for a piece of paper, took out a pen, and wrote down a promise to myself that I would start a business within the next five years. Then I signed it and asked my friend add her signature as my witness.

Once I had that paper in my wallet, I was finally able to sleep at night.If you’re feeling the pull toward the entrepreneurial life, sit down and craft a covenant. Document your goal to start up a business. It can make all the difference, channeling your frustration by focusing on a deadline.Documenting my startup commitment resolved my internal conflict, memorializing my plans for startup.  


 The Covenant to Start Your Own Business.10.03.2013 (3)




The Promise



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