Engaging with Larry King and Mykalai Kontilai

By Ed "Skip" McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker I met Larry King in the summer of 2014 at a presentation for Collectors Café, the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Mykalai Kontilai. Mykalai conceived the idea to create a collectibles marketplace accessible to everyone through an online auction platform combined with a worldwide TV show featuring Larry as [...]

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Veteran Entrepreneur & Business Strategist Team Up To Demystify The Truth About Startups

Available for Interviews Contact: Kristi Hughes Kristi@smithpublicity.com  856-489-8654, ext.322 At his moment of truth, Ed McLaughlin felt an authentic push to take an entrepreneurial leap from his high-level corporate position. He bootstrapped his new company into an Inc. 500 and later sold it to a Fortune 100. Meanwhile, his friend, Wyn Lydecker, had been crafting [...]

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Proven Entrepreneur Distills Step-By-Step Process To Start, Fund and Grow The Right Business For You

Available for Interviews Contact: Kristi Hughes Kristi@smithpublicity.com 856-489-8654, ext.322 “Ed McLaughlin’s book ‘The Purpose Is Profit’ is a powerful guide for entrepreneurs at any stage. It combines the inside story with the tools you need to build a profitable business. I’ll be encouraging everyone with a startup dream to read this book.” --John “Randy” MacDonald, [...]

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